Make a Payment 

Daly’s Truck Driving School 

Before you make a payment, please contact Stephanie at Daly’s to schedule your 1st day of class.

If you’re already enrolled, and you are making an additional payment, please contact Stephanie with information about your Payment to make sure it is promptly posted to your account, and to change your class access, if necessary.

Additionally, you can also forward your PayPal payment confirmation email to: [email protected] if you are simply making a payment on an active account and do not currently require a status change to your information.

Your first day of class and total amount due is based on what class you’re enrolling in and if you are paying in full or financing your class.   When paying online, there is a 2.9% + .30 cent per transaction charge.

Office Phone: 770-614-6022
Email: [email protected]