Discrimination & Harassment ( Current )
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Discrimination & Harassment

  • Daly’s Truck Driving School does not discriminate based on Race, Color, Creed, Religion, National Origin, or Sex.
  • All employees of Daly’s Truck Driving School are always required to adhere to this policy.
  • No employee or student may wear any garment that promotes alcohol, drugs, or sex; or that depicts abusive and/or obscene symbols, pictures, or verbiage, which might be deemed offensive or discriminatory in nature to others.
  • No employee or student may engage in any form of discrimination or use any profanity during training, or otherwise, while occupying the training facility.
  • Discrimination by Daly’s Truck Driving School students based on Race, Color, Creed, Religion, National Origin, or Sex, is unacceptable.
  • Any instances of discrimination should be brought to the attention of the School Directors immediately.
  • Any student who discriminates at any time will be sent home immediately and may not be allowed to return. This policy has a ZERO tolerance level and may lead to suspension or permanent dismissal.
  • Daly’s Truck Driving School has ZERO tolerance for sexual harassment. Any student or employee who is sexually harassed should bring it to the attention of the School Directors immediately.
  • Sexually explicit language and/or derogatory comments are not allowed during training, or otherwise, while occupying the training facility.

Drug Screening Consent

Daly’s Truck Driving School adheres to the D.O.T. requirements governing drug screening and random drug testing. No student will be permitted to train without a negative drug screen result in their file, and all active students are subject to random drug and alcohol testing per D.O.T.

CDL Testing and Road Training Waiver of Liability

To engage in road training and then testing at the Department of Driver Services, all Daly’s students must provide and carry liability insurance to operate a motor vehicle in the State of Georgia. While driving any of our vehicles during training or testing all students must always also carry proof of insurance.

In the event of an accident during training or testing all liability will rest with the driver of the vehicle and their insurance policy. Accident procedures for a Commercial Vehicle will require the driver to provide proof of insurance. Daly’s Truck Driving School is waived of all responsibility for damage of any sort caused while the vehicle is being operated by an individual not employed by Daly’s Truck Driving School.

I acknowledge that operating a commercial motor vehicle may involve a test of a person’s physical and mental limits and may carry with it the potential for death, serious injury, and property loss. The risks may include, but are not limited to, those caused by terrain, facilities, temperature, weather, condition of participants, equipment, vehicular traffic, actions of other people. The accident waiver and release of liability shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.

Three Phases of Training:

Classroom training covers the federally mandated entry-level driver requirements but mainly covers the CDL permit process. If your permit is not obtained during this phase you will be put on hold status for phase 2. Once permit is obtained you will be scheduled in order of your call for our next available phase 2 opening. (WE will contact you for the next opening).

Range the objective is to master the 6 maneuvers you may encounter during your skills test at DDS.

Road the objective is to become confident in driving on the road. You are also polishing your yard skills to become familiar with the points system used to assess your performance for the DDS. At the end of this phase a final test is given, based on your performance the Director of Training will decide when the student will take the test at the DDS or if additional training is needed.

Tuition Payment Policy:

As a student at Daly’s Truck Driving School you have several different payment options. If you pay up front for Class A training, you receive a discounted tuition rate of $3595.00. If you pay up front for Class B training, you receive a discounted tuition rate of $1595.00. If you are financed, you pay a down payment and your tuition rate is $4595.00 at 0% interest for Class A training. If you are financed, you pay a down payment and your tuition rate is $2595.00 for Class B training. 


Program  Tuition Amt. Down


Interest Amt. # of Payments Payment Amt. Interest Paid Total Payment
Class A 4595.00 1500 0% 36 85.97 0 4595.00
Class B 2595.00 900 0% 24 70.63 0 2595.00


Financing is based on a review of your driving record and your criminal history.  Your eligibility for financing can change based on your background and driving record search.  A financed student is required to provide auto-draft authorization for your monthly payments. If you use a credit card or check to make payment and the item is later charged back or the check payment is stopped by you for whatever reason or bounces your tuition rate immediately reverts to the non-cash discounted price of $4595.00. Your interest rate will become 16% on that non discounted price and your full payment will be due immediately. You will also be charged $50.00 for the bounced check fee or charge back fee plus any additional costs associated with collection of your tuition.

Truth in Lending Law

Program  Tuition Amt. Interest Amt. # of Payments Payment Amt. Interest Paid Total Payment
Class A 4595.00 16.00% 36 161.55 1220.68 5815.68
Class B 2595.00 16.00% 36 91.23 689.37 3284.37

Testing Procedure

First time testers will be given a test date that is as close to your completion date as scheduling availability allows, usually the following week upon graduation, using our available test slots.  IF you fail your first test at the DDS, your next test will be at the availability of the DDS and their public list. Currently they are booked out for at least one month.

If you will be late or absent you must call the front office by 7:15am, or you will lose your class slot to another student.

I understand my permit expires in 6 months if I do not obtain my CDL within the 6-month period I will be charged a training fee.

I understand if I leave training, or testing without obtaining my CDL and then return to the school later I will be charged a training fee.

I understand if I no show for a time after practice or DDS state test without 24-hour notice or Dr. excuse I will be charged a $50 fee. After 2nd no show no additional tests will be given.

I agree to allow Daly’s to publish video or pictures of myself on social media or advertisements. I also agree to not publish or post any negative reviews or images about Daly’s on any form of social network or review website. By doing so you can be held liable under your training contract for defamation.

Due to limited testing availability with the state, you will be scheduled for a maximum of 4 State Exams in a 6-month period. If you fail your pre-trip 2 times or fail 4 times total, you will not receive any additional testing. You will not be allowed to return to training until a minimum 1 month has passed and will be required to pay for continued training and testing.
The Pre-Trip inspection requires memorization. If you fail to memorize the information on the Pre-Trip test and fail, you cannot do any additional testing on maneuvers or road with the state. Since you were unable to pass this part of the exam your training must suspend.

Any training issues can be brought to the attention of the Director of Training or the School Director. They will help you to receive the required time to fulfill your training requirements and our obligations as well.
By signing below, you are acknowledging that you have been advised of the zero-tolerance policy at Daly’s Truck Driving School, with regards to Sexual Harassment and Discrimination. You are also acknowledging that you understand that you will be subject to DOT drug testing procedures mandated for Commercial Drivers under FMCSA.

Additionally, you are accepting and acknowledging your personal liability regarding operation of a commercial vehicle and requirement to carry your insurance information with you during training phases and testing at the DDS.

You are acknowledging that you are aware of the loss of discount on tuition for non-payment or charge backs initiated by your financial institution and the consequence of that action. Finally, you are acknowledging that you have been made aware of the three phases of training and what happens if you do not pass one of the phases.